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Did you know that for over 3 years TXT has been helping Toadal and Cabrillo Fitness members just like you to burn fat, get toned and gain strength all while having fun. I want to share with you the little known nutrition and exercise strategies that we use to get such great results with our clients. But first, let me ask you a question…

Do you ever find yourself following the advice of “The Mainstream”?

Advice like; Do 30-60 minutes of cardio 5-7 days a week or do 3 sets of 10-15 reps to build tone or you should eat a low calorie, low fat diet in order to lose fat and get healthy. If this is you, don’t feel bad we’ve all been there. But after years of testing and tweaking we’ve found a better way.

For the last 3 years we have shared this “better way” with TXT members who have now lost over 843lbs using this information. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients…

I lost 14.5lbs and 9 inches in only 6 weeks!
And almost 5” off just my waist!

Before the challenge I was not a fan of my body. I was very self-conscious of my stomach and thighs and I do a lot to hide my body through the way I dress and even the workout clothes I wear. Four years ago I went through a tough breakup and moved back to Santa Cruz. I put on 30lbs in one year and wasn’t able to lose it.

Now after the challenge I am feeling so much better about my body. This is the first time I have ever seen any change. I have lost 14.5lbs and 9 inches in only 6 weeks! And almost 5” off just my waist. Also I’ve been able to fit into some jeans that I couldn’t fit into before but was to stubborn to get rid of.

I Lost 8Lbs And 11 1/2 Inches In Only 6 Weeks!!!

- Before, I would say a grudging “I feel good” when asked about my body.
- After, I’m proud of my body , and it’s only going to get better!
- Before, I would say that I never had any success with weight loss, that I can’t take the hunger and the sense of weakness.
- After, I’ve lost 8lbs without ever really feeling hungry (to the point that Tyler told me to eat more to get my metabolism back up, to break a plateau). And as for feeling weak, I feel Great!!
I figured I would lose a couple lbs doing this challenge and I’d learn something about nutrition. I’ve lost more than a couple lbs!! And I’ve ramped up my can-do attitude, plus I had lot’s of fun during the process!
Thanks For A Great Experience!

I Lost 5 Inches Off My Waist!

I Lost 5” off of my waist and I feel leaner, more fit and more muscular! I feel much happier about my body!!

What Is this better way?

To keep it simple, the better way or should I say THE BEST WAY to get lasting body transformation results is to optimize what we call the Rapid Results Pyramid. This image contains the 3 essential components of successful and lasting fat loss, EXERCISE, NUTRITION and RECOVERY. When all three of these components work together the result is RAPID FAT LOSS!! However if one component is neglected or if they aren’t designed to work well together (as in the mainstream advice for fat loss) YOU WILL FAIL and YOU WILL NOT BURN FAT!!

So how do you avoid the common pitfall of believing in “The Mainstream” and getting let down?

You MAXIMIZE your results and thus your fat loss by using the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN techniques that TXT clients use to OPTIMIZE there Exercise, Nutrition And Recovery!! Here’s how…

Nutrition is a complicated field, there are over 30,000 diet books available and each with their own twist on what works and what doesn’t. At TXT we advocate a Real Food Diet, not some crazy supplement based starvation diet that only yields short term results. From there, we focus not on depriving you of your favorite foods but instead on using your macro-nutrition ratios to optimize your fat loss. Relax, it’s easier then it sounds…

By focusing on eating the right amount of Carbs, Protein and Fat you can switch your body’s metabolism from being a “sugar burner” to a 24/7 FAT BURNER! This is accomplished by consuming a moderate carb, moderate fat, high protein, cyclical caloric diet. Relax again… It goes like this… Sunday through Friday, eat real food, not too many carbs plenty of protein and don’t worry about fat. On Saturday however… eat whatever you like, the sky’s the limit!!

By optimizing your Carb, Protein and Fat ratios throughout the week, focusing on a Real Foods diet and re-feeding (Cheating Or Rewarding) once per week, you optimize your fat loss hormones while never having to deprive yourself of your favorite foods!!

Marathoner vs sprinterFor Exercise we ask the age old question… Who do you want to look like, the sprinter or the marathoner? The fact is that Olympic level sprinters typically carry 3-5% Bodyfat for men and 13-15% for women, while their marathon running counterparts average 11-13% for men and 18-20% for women!!! Now, I don’t expect you to become an Olympic athlete, but if you want the most effective way to decrease your bodyfat %, while increasing your strength and confidence, shouldn’t you train more like a sprinter?

TXT uses a style of training called Metabolic Conditioning. Metabolic Conditioning is a type of “sprint training” (not just running) that uses kettlebells, bodyweight training and TRX suspension trainers to boost your metabolism, build strength without getting too bulky and flip your fat burning switch into overdrive. In fact recent studies have shown that properly designed Metabolic Conditioning routines can boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours vs. only traditional cardio training which only burns fat while you are on the elliptical!

Finally, recovery plays an extremely important role in your overall results. You see, even if you have a great exercise program and a great nutrition program, you still wont get anywhere if you sleep lousy and are stressed all the time. So, TXT solves the final piece of the puzzle by giving you the 3 most important components of recovery; Rest, Recreation and Rejuvenation.

Rest is simply the quantity and quality of sleep you get each night. Rest up because studies show that those who get 7.5-9 hours of sleep each night carry significantly less bodyfat then those who get less then 7 hours! Recreation is defined easily as play. As we grow older we forget how to play and we forget that we used to have fun moving, to optimize your fat loss, find activities other then Metabolic Conditioning that make you smile :) Finally, you need to take some time to rejuvenate. Go for a pleasure walk, take a yoga class, stretch out, take a sauna, take a nap, do something to relax and take a moment for YOU!

These are the 3 MAJOR strategies that TXT Members are taught to use to transform their bodies, build strength and confidence and flip their fat burning switched into overdrive!!

If your interested in learning more about the TXT program and what it can do for you then I have 2 steps you need to take right now…

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Not Sure TXT Will Work For You? Read Below To See More TXT Success Stories!

I Am Still Shocked About The 12 Inches

I have dealt with the constant battle of weight loss but have managed to keep off 30+lbs for the last 5 years. But I knew that I definitely wanted to make some improvements. Then, in all honesty , after I had a friend take my before picture, it really hit me that I am not where I want to be body wise AT ALL and I knew I could be better.

I managed to lose 10.2lbs in 6 weeks and and to shave 12” off…I am still shocked about the 12”! !! I feel Amazing as well as really strong and fit! I have noticed more definition, even my dad said he noticed it in my arms…awesome! It’s an adjustment mentally sometimes to be complimented on your body when it’s something you’ve never heard before. Just the other night I was out and this guy told me that my “body was bangin!” Ha, whatever that means, I took it as a compliment anyways! I feel so strong and actually ran a 5k race 2 weeks ago and dropped about 5 minutes off my time and felt really good. Thank you for keeping the motivation up and really supporting me!

I Am Loving My Body!

Before working with kettlebells I felt self-conscious because my body isn’t toned. My clothes didn’t fit very comfortably and I felt weak and my energy levels were very low.
Now, I am loving my body! I feel stronger, I have more energy and I am more toned than when I began six weeks ago! I am back to wearing smaller clothes without feeling self-conscious. I have also been able to test my physical strength and endurance, which is probably more important to me than losing pounds. It feels great to build up towards more challenging exercises and workouts. I really loved the challenge!

I have always been a little overweight even in my days of long distance running, but being really tall it wasn’t very noticeable and I was always able to keep it around that extra 20lbs. I have always been painfully slow at gaining strength and muscle as well as being very inflexible. Within a year I have seen some amazing changes. A loss of 20lbs of fat with little muscle loss, 3” in the waist, gained strength in my core and back and slowly became more agile and better at the core movements. I have gained 3lbs of muscle with no increase in body fat and noticed more definition in my arms, back, shoulders and legs !!

I lost 11lbs and 10.5” off just my waist!!!!

What I hoped to gain is exactly what I achieved. OUTSTANDING I must tell you! Thank you soooooooo very much!

I am super happy with myself and my body! I feel like I am the best shape that I’ve been in for many years. (Plus I am amazed that my body transformed as much as it did.) I lost 8lbs and 6” in only 60 days and I have especially changed my eating habits. I actually crave protein shakes sometimes, and enjoy them! Exercising really is a pleasure- the afterglow lasts all day!

Deane Lost 14lbs in only 6 weeks!

Before, I felt like I lost the youthful body I used to have so much fun with. Now, I’ve gone down by 2” in my pant size I’ve dropped 14lbs and I’m thrilled to be under 180lbs for the first time in years. Best of all my total cholesterol has fallen along with my body fat % and I feel more energetic throughout the day, no longer feeling tired and lethargic around 3pm like I used to.

I lost 30lbs!! And 15.5″!! In only 6 weeks!!!

Before taking on the kettlebell challenge I felt like I was in the worst shape of my life. I had become complacent with maintaining any sort of workout routine or caring about my body. I didn’t dress the way I liked and rarely made an attempt to look good because I was not comfortable with my appearance.

Now? I feel GREAT! I am so happy that I have been able to take full advantage of this challenge to really push myself to lose weight and start the path to rebuilding myself. I feel like I have more energy, I am more awake and ready to do things than before. Its weird for me to say this but I enjoy exercising!

I’ve lost 29.3lbs so far (whoop whoop!) and have seen a noticeable difference in the size of all of my bad areas…haha my stomach is WAAAAY smaller, my face actually looks like a face rather than a ball of silly putty with eyes, ears and a mouth and I feel a lot better in a lot of my clothes, I actually had to go out and buy 3 new pairs of jeans since I dropped from a size 40 to a 34!!

I am extremely excited and motivated to continue the weight loss and continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

Let us share our TIME-TESTED fat loss strategies with you!!

Imagine yourself just 30 days from now 11lbs lighter and feeling great! Picture how good it felt to challenge yourself, to finally get on the right track and to know that you now have the tools you need to keep moving towards your fitness goals. Doesn’t this sound nice to you?

Now take a moment and imagine the exact opposite situation… It’s 30 days from today and you haven’t changed your diet, you haven’t found the motivation to workout harder and you haven’t made any steps towards your fitness goals. Imagining this situation probably makes you feel lousy, right?

That’s because all to often we set big lofty goals to make a change and year after year most of us tend to let those goals disappear until next year when were motivated to take action once again! Don’t let yourself fall into this negative downward spiral but instead decide that this is the time, this is the year this is when you decide to commit to change!!!

This is exactly why we started the TXT program, because we genuinely want to see you make that change once and for all!

30 Day GuaranteePLUS, we stand by our program and offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days! That means you can try TXT for a full 30 days and if it doesn’t live up to your expectations then you can ask for a full refund. There’s ZERO RISK to you!

If your interested in learning more about the TXT program and what it can do for you then I have 2 steps you need to take right now…

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